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Welcome To
We are Northern Ireland's premier Short Oval Motor Racing promotion, bringing you the very best in Stock Car, Hot Rod and Banger racing since 2003. We promote top flight race meetings at both Tullyroan Oval near Dungannon and Aghadowey Oval near Coleraine. From the high speed, high octane National Hot Rods, to the thrill a minute wreck 'em racing of the National Bangers, DMC Race Promotions have something for everyone, from the serious motorsport enthusiast to the family looking for a day out with a difference.

Coming Fixtures
Aghadowey Oval
29/6/2019 @ 6.30pm

u1800 Back To Basics Bangers 2019 King of Aghadowey
Superstox 2019 King of Aghadowey

Lightning Rods
ProStocks McElmeel Mobility Services Supreme Series Round 2
Ninja Karts

Aghadowey Oval
14/7/2019 @ 2pm

Holiday Caravan Destruction Derby!
2.0 Hot Rods
Lightning Rods A Percy Auto Body Repairs Challenge Series Round 2
Stock Rods
Ninja Karts 2019 Golden Helmet
Junior Productions The Young Trophy 2019

Tullyroan Oval
20/7/2019 @ 6.30pm

Micro Madness - Micro Bangers 3-a-side Team Event
Stock Rods Butler Motorsport Challenge Series Round 2
1300 Stock Cars 2019 Tullyroan Challenge Cup
Junior Productions



Latest Points
National Bangers
2018/19 DMC Race Promotions Championship
Standings After 02 June 2019
215Leonard Dunn146
125Rodney Herron78
999Karl Smyth61
59Steven Bolton60
388Stevo McGrath59
315Paul Gaffney56
24Stephen Boyd41
76Adam Maxwell41
592Mark Marchant36
63William McFaul32
157Domie Hall29
211Dennis Vorkink28
760Joey Reynolds28
2Aaron McGraw27
432Daniel Dooner25
267James Steele22
114Liam Lake20
02Ash Reynolds19
811Kieran McIvor19
113Tony Gillespie16
787Marc Key16
170Ryan Patton14
04Mikey Croft13
623Ricky Hutton12
77Willie McFaul10
118Matthew McKinstry10
465Liam Johnston10
176Jonathan Compelli9
363Jonny Murdock9
166Willy Ogilby8
299Ivan Bell8
8Tom Brown7
160Davy Patton7
177Paul Compelli6
194Robbie Wright5
880Neil Naismith4
39Darren Gaffney3
13Aaron Kelly0
16Mike Flaherty0
20Rocky McKenna0
28Marty McKiernan0
33Stephen Doyle0
99Jonny Rutherford0
109Jason McCaughern0
111Leslie Millar0
147Kevin Moran0
151Noel Anderson0
151Gavin Mulvey0
173Steven Reynolds0
209Mark Morrison0
221Ian Crowley0
291Seanie Bell0
361James Goodman0
389Deano McGrath0
416Aaron Clarke0
612Craig Nichol0
619Jason Goodman0
756Paul Stafford0
807Dwayne Lynch0

Points run from World Final - World Final

National Bangers 2019 NI Accident Services DMC Entertainers League
Standings After 02 June 2019
125Rodney Herron85
215Leonard Dunn77
24Stephen Boyd75
113Tony Gillespie73
388Stevo McGrath67
999Karl Smyth63
315Paul Gaffney48
59Steven Bolton40
76Adam Maxwell40
99Jonny Rutherford40
592Mark Marchant35
211Dennis Vorkink35
194Robbie Wright30
711Anthony McIvor30
811Kieran McIvor30
299Ivan Bell30
880Neil Naismith28
2Aaron McGraw25
118Matthew McKinstry25
157Domie Hall25
623Ricky Hutton25
131Conor O'Brien25
170Ryan Patton25
02Ash Reynolds20
04Mikey Croft20
177Paul Compelli20
267James Steele20
39Darren Gaffney20
114Liam Lake20
160Davy Patton20
291Seanie Bell20
13Aaron Kelly15
63William McFaul15
77Willie McFaul15
997Matthew Milliken15
760Joey Reynolds15
787Marc Key15
166Willy Ogilby10
756Paul Stafford-5

NI Accident Services

Reigning Champions Regularly in Action at DMC Race Promotions
2L Irish Champion & DMC Points Champion - 215 Leonard Dunn


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