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We are Northern Ireland's premier Short Oval Motor Racing promotion, bringing you the very best in Stock Car, Hot Rod and Banger racing since 2003. We promote top flight race meetings at both Tullyroan Oval near Dungannon and Aghadowey Oval near Coleraine. From the high speed, high octane National Hot Rods, to the thrill a minute wreck 'em racing of the National Bangers, DMC Race Promotions have something for everyone, from the serious motorsport enthusiast to the family looking for a day out with a difference.

Coming Fixtures
Aghadowey Oval
26/12/2018 @ 2pm

The Spectacular Caravan Destruction Derby!!
Reliant Robins 2018 Irish Championship
u1800cc Back To Basics Bangers

also Lightning Rods, Stock Rods, Ninja Karts & Thunder Rods

Tullyroan Oval
30/12/2018 @ 2pm

Festive Frenzy!
Big Van Bangers 'Van-dalism 2018'

plus Superstox, ProStocks, Junior Productions
& Rookie Bangers


Latest Gallery


Latest Points
2.0 Hot Rods
2018 Racemart NI Points Championship
Final Standings after 13 October 2018
54Adam Hylands3351130.45European/Silver
979Stuart Cochrane3161324.31British/Red
914Allen Cherry2621320.15Blue
924Mervyn Emerson2061118.73Blue
959Adam Best201825.13Red
941Ryan McClure199922.11Red
931Mark Madill186920.67Blue
9Glenn Bell183726.14Irish/Red
82Gary Wilson175629.17Red
55Brian Cherry1711115.55Yellow
34Thomas Morrison120913.33Yellow
929Conor Hughes114619Blue
923Stephen Emerson111522.2Red
91Aaron Beattie95519Blue
975Davy Potter94713.43Yellow
999Pat Casey87614.5Yellow
943Jason Devlin86517.2Blue
907Denver Grattan85517Blue
966Thomas Dilly84421Blue
984Sean Dynes74418.5Blue
961Michael Woods49412.25White
989Noel Tierney4085White
90Colin McFarland39219.5Yellow
63Jackie Christie39313Yellow
976Joel Richardson35135Red
551Gary Butler28214Yellow
342Adam Heatrick22122Red
988Feargal McNally2036.67Blue
23Marc Morrell10110Blue
42Trevor Heatrick1025Yellow
911Shane McMillan717Blue
925Gary O'Neill212Blue
20Derek Martin010Red


Any driver can only climb two, or drop one grade per period.
A driver can only be downgraded if he has raced at least twice during the current grading period.
Any driver not included above will start from the White grade, unless otherwise notified by the Steward of the meeting.
The Steward will also grade those drivers changing formula, new to racing or returning to racing at his discretion.

Hoosier Racing Tire Challenge Series
2018 Series Result
1st 54 Adam Hylands
2nd 979 Stuart Cochrane
3rd 914 Allen Cherry

Hoosier Racing Tire

2019 World Championship Qualifying Points
Standings After 3 November 2018
54Adam Hylands163
82Gary Wilson140
929Conor Hughes136
979Stuart Cochrane111
914Allen Cherry110
924Mervyn Emerson100
55Brian Cherry93
931Mark Madill84
999Pat Casey83
907Denver Grattan79
966Thomas Dilly78
961Michael Woods64
941Ryan McClure61
34Thomas Morrison40
90Colin McFarland40
976Joel Richardson35
9Glenn Bell34
943Jason Devlin31
989Noel Tierney30
551Gary Butler28
342Adam Heatrick22
923Stephen Emerson22
970Scott Cochrane22
988Feargal McNally20
975Davy Potter19
23Marc Morrell10
925Gary O'Neill9

Reigning Champions Regularly in Action at DMC Race Promotions
British Champion - 979 Stuart Cochrane
European, Irish & NI Points Champion - 54 Adam Hylands


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