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Welcome To
We are Northern Ireland's premier Short Oval Motor Racing promotion, bringing you the very best in Stock Car, Hot Rod and Banger racing since 2003. We promote top flight race meetings at both Tullyroan Oval near Dungannon and Aghadowey Oval near Coleraine. From the high speed, high octane National Hot Rods, to the thrill a minute wreck 'em racing of the National Bangers, DMC Race Promotions have something for everyone, from the serious motorsport enthusiast to the family looking for a day out with a difference.

Coming Fixtures
Aghadowey Oval
18/8/2018 @ 4.30pm

Speedweekend Special
Stock Rods 2018 British Championship
ProStocks 2018 British Championship
National Hot Rods 2019 Simpson Race Exhausts World Series NI Round 3
Junior Productions 2018 Irish Open Championship

plus 1300 Stock Cars

Tullyroan Oval
19/8/2018 @ 1pm

Speedweekend Special
ProStocks 2018 Irish Open Championship
Ninja Karts 2018 Keir Millar Memorial Trophy
Stock Rods 2018 Tullyroan Challenge Cup
Superstox 2018 Tullyroan Challenge Cup

also 2.0 Hot Rods

Tullyroan Oval
25/8/2018 @ 6.30pm

2.0 Hot Rods 'The Lee Cherry Memorial Trophy 2018'
1300 Stock Cars Ryan Wright Signs Iron Man Series Grand Final

plus Lightning Rods, Junior Productions & Thunder Rods/Tipperary Premier Rods


Latest Gallery


Latest Points
1300 Stock Cars
2018 Autoweld NI Points Championship
Points after 28 July 2018
194Robbie Wright3391130.82Superstar
515Josh McKinstry2481024.8Red
212Nicky Lowry2451024.5Red
1Willie Stewart2221022.2Red
921Peter Greer220924.44Red
97Jamie McCann2121021.2Red
993Michael Logan177822.13Red
33Jon McQuillan159722.71Red
70Ryan Stewart138719.71Blue
24Jack Kearney133719Blue
904Gary Elliott107617.83Blue
915Adrian McKinstry8599.44Silver/Superstar
145Calvin Blake69417.25Blue
414Adam McMullan63512.6Yellow
38Daryl McAleese61512.2Yellow
932Thomas McCrory54413.5Irish/Superstar
19Jamie Hunter40220Blue
711Anthony McIvor38312.67Yellow
32Tommy McCrory Snr22122Blue
766Stephen McNeilly1829White
10Niall McFerran17117Red
913Paddy Dempsey723.5White
94Lee Topping616White
54Harry Gilmore515White
127Jonny Patterson111Yellow
22Bradley Woods010Blue

Autoweld of Belfast

Any driver can only climb two, or drop one grade per grading period.
To be regraded, a driver must race in at least one meeting in the current period.

2018 Ryan Wright Signs Iron Man Series
Standings After Round 2, 23 June 2018
194Robbie Wright1374
97Jamie McCann1148
993Michael Logan991
212Nicky Lowry970
904Gary Elliott944
515Josh McKinstry936
921Peter Greer892
1Willie Stewart768
414Adam McMullan634
38Daryl McAleese532
915Adrian McKinstry442
33Jon McQuillan428
932Thomas McCrory291
70Ryan Stewart289
766Stephen McNeilly96

Ryan Wright Signs & Embroidery

2018 World Championship Qualifying Points
Standings After 28 July 2018
212Nicky Lowry355
194Robbie Wright339
1Willie Stewart284
921Peter Greer275
515Josh McKinstry248
97Jamie McCann222
993Michael Logan217
33Jon McQuillan188
24Jack Kearney187
70Ryan Stewart161
145Calvin Blake116
915Adrian McKinstry112
904Gary Elliott107
414Adam McMullan80
32Tommy McCrory Snr63
38Daryl McAleese61
932Thomas McCrory61
19Jamie Hunter40
22Bradley Woods38
711Anthony McIvor38
262Winston Weir34
914Joshua McMullan27
924Ivan Elliott21
766Stephen McNeilly18
10Niall McFerran17
94Lee Topping17
54Harry Gilmore15
804Lee Martin13
923Chris Hamill11
913Paddy Dempsey7
127Jonny Patterson1

Reigning Champions regularly in Action at DMC Race Promotions
Irish Champion - 932 Thomas McCrory Jnr
NI Points Champion - 915 Adrian McKinstry


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