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Welcome To DMCRacePromotions.com
We are Northern Ireland's premier Short Oval Motor Racing promotion, bringing you the very best in Stock Car, Hot Rod and Banger racing since 2003. We promote top flight race meetings at both Tullyroan Oval near Dungannon and Aghadowey Oval near Coleraine. From the high speed, high octane National Hot Rods, to the thrill a minute wreck 'em racing of the National Bangers, DMC Race Promotions have something for everyone, from the serious motorsport enthusiast to the family looking for a day out with a difference.

Coming Fixtures
Tullyroan Oval
24/10/2021 @ 1pm

Unlimited National Bangers Shamwreck 2021
& James 'The Cat' Smith Memorial DD

2.0 Hot Rods 2021 Tullyroan Challenge Cup
1300 Stock Cars 2021 Tullyroan Challenge Cup

Tullyroan Oval
30/10/2021 @ 6.30pm

2.0 Hot Rods 2021 Irish Championship
National Hot Rods Simpson Race Exhausts World Series NI Round 5 & 2021 Ulster Championship
Ninja Karts 2021 Irish Championship

Lightning Rods 2021 Tullyroan Challenge Cup
Stock Rods

Aghadowey Oval
13/11/2021 @ 6.30pm

Lightning Rods 2021 Irish Championship
Superstox 2021 Irish Championship
Thunder Rods 2021 Irish Championship
1300 Stock Cars 2021 Irish Championship

plus Junior Productions



Latest Points
Lightning Rods
2020/21 Ryan Wright Signs & Embroidery NI Points Championship
Final Standings after 4 September 2021
902Nigel Jackson3591425.64World/Irish/Silver
913Ricky Shaw3191422.79Red
917Aaron Stewart2971224.75European/Red
996James McKinney2851125.91Red
916Mark Corry2821420.14Red
963Mark McCambridge2531319.46Blue
942Stuart Agnew2501220.83Red
908Ronan McNally2041217Blue
921Martin O'Flaherty1971216.42Blue
918Richard Stewart1651213.75Blue
914Ally Neill1601114.55Blue
922Tam Agnew129914.33Blue
949Dylan McCann1201110.91Yellow
947Gordy McKee99616.5Blue
985Aaron Brunton84516.8Blue
978Daniel Rodgers79419.75Blue
998Dermot Tynan7798.56Yellow
977Jordan Rochford62415.5British/Red
910Neil Capper62415.5Red
992Vince Litter4776.71Yellow
999Gerry Rodgers1953.8White
901Alister Robinson15115Yellow
988Feargal McNally15115Red
955Peter Wehrly1033.33White
912Martin O'Donovan861.33White
920Tim Hazlett515Red
928Sam Preston212White
993Kielian Toland230.67White
930Christopher McGirr010White

Ryan Wright Signs & Embroidery

Any driver can only climb two, or drop one grade per period
A driver can only be downgraded if he has raced at least twice during the current grading period
Any driver not included above will start from the White grade, unless otherwise notified by the Steward of the meeting.
The Steward will also grade those drivers changing formula, new to racing or returning to racing at his discretion.

2021 Irish Championship Grid Points
Standings after 4 September 2021
913Ricky Shaw207
902Nigel Jackson203
917Aaron Stewart181
963Mark McCambridge180
916Mark Corry171
942Stuart Agnew140
908Ronan McNally134
921Martin O'Flaherty116
996James McKinney109
949Dylan McCann99
985Aaron Brunton84
978Daniel Rodgers79
914Ally Neill70
910Neil Capper62
918Richard Stewart49
998Dermot Tynan38
992Vince Litter30
947Gordy McKee22
999Gerry Rodgers18
901Alister Robinson15
955Peter Wehrly10
912Martin O'Donovan6
922Tam Agnew4
977Jordan Rochford4
993Kielian Toland2

Points are scored on this chart from March each year until the date of the Irish Championship meeting, and will form the grid for the Irish Championship race.

Reigning Champions Regularly in Action at DMC Race Promotions
World, Irish & NI Points Champion - 902 Nigel Jackson
European Championship - 917 Aaron Stewart
British Champion - 977 Jordan Rochford


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